Varicose veins

Background dilated, palpable, often tortuous subcutaneous veins >3mm in diameter usually involve saphenous veins, saphenous tributaries, and/or non-saphenous superficial leg veins Causes Primary most common cause, usually due to intrinsic biochemical or morphological abnormality in vein wall, may occur in setting of valvular incompetence Secondary previous DVT AV fistula deep vein obstruction superficial thrombophlebitis Congenital … Continue reading Varicose veins


Winged scapula

Uncommon cause of MSK pain of shoulder and posterior chest wall caused by paralysis of serratus anterior muscle begins as painless weakness of the muscle, eventual finding is pathognomonic winged scapula dysfunction secondary to paralysis of the muscle usually occurs after heavy exertion i.e. carrying heavy backpacks trauma to the long thoracic nerve of Bell … Continue reading Winged scapula