OTC drugs for COPD

There are numerous cough linctuses, cough suppressants, mucolytics and expectorants available in pharmacies but there is not good evidence that any of them are effective. Mucolytics may have a small benefit (reduce the frequency and duration of exacerbations) in patients with chronic productive cough but are not routinely recommended. Cough suppressants should not generally be … Continue reading OTC drugs for COPD

Non-pharmacologic treatments post-COPD exacerbation

In the short term it is essential to give oxygen. It may be difficult to keep a mask on her and nasal prongs might be better. Be aware that similar to patients with respiratory failure and elevated pCO2, she may not be able to tolerate a high concentration of oxygen. Consider a Venturi mask with … Continue reading Non-pharmacologic treatments post-COPD exacerbation