Common Sites of Infections and Organisms

Bacteria Type Examples Sites of Infection Gram Positive Cocci Staphylococci Streptococci Enterococci Skin, soft tissue, heart, lung, bone, joints, hardware, indwelling catheters Gram Negative Rods Lactose Fermenting: E. coli Klebsiella Enterobacter Lactose Non-Fermenting Pseudomonas Proteus Stenotrophomonas Lactose Slow Fermenting Serratia Citrobacter Lungs (HCAP, HAP, VAP) Any intraabdominal organ Genitourinary system Anaerobes Clostridium Bacteroides Peptostreptococcus Actinomyces … Continue reading Common Sites of Infections and Organisms


Classification of Bacteria

Morphology Cocci Spherical shape Rod/bacilli Elongated with straight sides Coccobacilli Mixed shape Gram Stain Positive Thick wall of peptidoglycan (polymer of sugars + amino acids) + phosopholipid bilayer forming the plasma membrane Stain purple Negative Outer membrane (lipopolysaccharide & protein) + thin peptidoglycan + plasma membrane Stain pink Variable (Coccobacilli) Acinobacter   Cocci Rods Coccobacilli … Continue reading Classification of Bacteria